Life, love and lingerie shopping in the Himalayas - The Telegraph July 2017

This long-form, first person travel piece about the inspiring women I met while living in Nepal came second place in The Telegraph's Cassandra Jardine Memorial Prize 2016. The judges commended it on it's style, wit and personality and it was later published in the Lifestyle section. Read the full story here or get a sense of it from the excerpts below.

'As we totter onto the bus in our heels, we’re like any group of girls on our way home from a wedding. We’ve giggled disparagingly at the groom’s premature baldness, given the newlyweds our present and told the bride, a young woman from our village, that she looks beautiful. In a glow of good food and good will, I turn to one of my new friends, Deefa, and say: “Well, I hope she’ll be very happy.” Deefa replies simply: “She won’t be. He will beat her. But at least he’s very rich.” She chivvies several chickens off a seat and smilingly gestures for me to sit down.'
'It’s Swastika, one of my favourite pupils. News of the Nazis never reached Chaukot and the name still has its original meaning as the symbol of Buddha’s heart and mind.'
'It takes around 20 minutes to settle on a pair that meets the matriarchs’ high standards, but eventually they all agree on a black thong with the CK logo daubed in gold glitter. It is one of the most sentimental souvenirs from my trip and that has nothing to do with the guy from the guesthouse…'