About Time: You went to Denmark's Tonder festival for free - About Time August 2013

A lighthearted travel story about one of Denmark's quirkiest music festivals, written for a youthful online audience. Read the full story here or get a sense of it from the excerpts below.

'Sinead O’Connor, Bob Dylan’s Saxophonist and the Crown Prince of Denmark walk into a bar…. Nope, this isn’t the first half of a weak joke: it is a glimpse of life at Denmark’s premier folk and roots festival. he crowd is amazing. Think the Woodstock generation crossed with the cast of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.'
'You won’t find any sunglasses-shielded, security-flanked celebs here. There is no VIP area. In fact, in exchange for a how-do-you-do, the security guard happily ushered us backstage, where we were welcomed into a jamming session featuring an eclectic mix of musicians and music lovers. Including Sinead O’Connor, no less.'

Banner photo: jens-th.com